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How to choose the BB Cream that suits you? Follow 2 simple steps!

Step 1: Choose Skin Type

Dry / Combination / Normal / Sensitive Skin

Oily / Combination / Normal / Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

For Men

Step 2: Choose Coverage (Brand Speciality)

SKIN79 - Light to medium coverage. SKIN79's BB Cream gives very natural and bright skin tone, it also comes with a lot of functions and can generally provide very satisfactory results, suitable for normal to fair skin.
** SKIN79 is the No1 most popular BB Cream in Asia, great results at a good price! Top Asian singer Jolin Tsai is the image of this brand.

SKINFOOD - Light to medium coverage. Entry level BB Cream that offers basic BB Cream functions. Weak oil control/moisturizing effect, makeup only last for half a day, however it is able to help brighten skin tone. Not recommended for demanding skin.
**SKINFOOD has over 50+ years experience in skincare products. Its toner, emulsion and mask products are extremely popular in Korea!

DR JART+ - Mid to high coverage. Specially designed for sensitive skin, it also has proven effectiveness against freckle and pimple skin, strongly recommended for troubled skin type! (Developed by specialist doctors using ingredients that has been proven and certified for its stability and effectiveness, suitable for troubled skin type)
**DR JART+ is a high-end cosmecutical brand in Korea. It has great results treating skin problems, strongly recommended for skin that requires special treatment.

HANSKIN - High Coverage. Hanskin is known to have the "highest coverage" BB Cream in the market. It has both oil control and moisturize ability at the same time and tend to give brown skin tone. Suitable for uneven skin that requires high coverage.

Glossy BB Creams - Glossy BB Cream offers very light coverage and is recommended only after applying a higher coverage BB Cream. Apply glossy BB cream on the chin, cheek, nose and forehead to create 3D lighting effect, it helps shapen your face and creates a shiny look!

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